# 6 OMG ROOM Hunt!

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1° OMG ROOM Sale (Start)  (By Brii Underground Wear)

Hint> my hobby is to make origami

2° Brii Underground Wear Hint> my coffee is too hot

3° KL Couture Hint> Engagement or just a girl's  best friend...

4° Emporium

5° blah.BLAH.blahHint > OMG I cant believe I have no arms!

6° Like Desinger Hint> Can you re deliver my items

7° [kharma]

8° .:deer:. Hint: omg deers are talking

9° Ashmoot

10° Pervette

11° Witches & Rats Hint>  Can i be a VIP !?!?

12° .::')>RASCH CREATIONS<('::.

13° J.Allen StoreHint: you can be a fashion star

14° LB JewelsHint> When a man loves a woman

15°  .:Sugar:.Hint> Sexy, Black, freaky, Outfits...

16° Formis Tatto

17° Storax TreeHint>  look near the hunt poster

18° J&A Rock CultureHint: Under pin-ups above sweater.

 You can find me.

19° No Cabide

20° [Forever] Hint> is hidden behind the heart

21° .:RD Style:.Hint> OMG Jessica!!!

22° WTB Hint: probabably you will have to touch it many

times to get it, but it couldn't be a game withou little difficulty


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